Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cataclysmic Change

I'm sure most people have had a chance to read the Cataclysm preview for hunters by now.

I've been in the "skeptical" camp ever since I heard about Focus, which was actually quite awhile ago.... and the preview hasn't assuaged me one bit.

For one thing, Focus is a much more limited resource than mana. How will this affect kiting? What about burst damage?

Consider rogues and druids, for example: both of these classes have a stun, which they can use on their target to either re-open with a full bar of Focus or get off a heal. If the only way we can regenerate Focus faster is Steady Shot (which isn't possible to get off when kiting in either PvE or PvP) or Viper Sting (which means we can't use a different sting while kiting), we aren't going to have many options for what shots we can use.

Another concern I have is that Camouflage won't help at all against melee. The main classes that can disarm are melee... and there are very few spells a disarmed hunter can cast to get to range.

You basically have the option of dropping a trap (fairly useless against a melee that's on your tail because of the arm time) or Disengaging (again, fairly useless because all melee classes can easily close the gap and there's nothing you can cast before or after that will snare, stun, or otherwise prevent them from doing it, especially if they snare you first).

Trap Launcher - 1min cooldown means every *second* trap, at best. Why not make it 30sec so that we can at least toss a Freeze/Frost ahead of us every cooldown so the melee behind us will set it off?

Anyway... it's too early to read too much into it. I'm definitely not impressed with our new spells - especially compared to some of the other classes - but I've always been a BM hunter and I'm sure that won't change in Cataclysm, no matter how dire it gets.

I just wish that we could inherit some of the cool tricks rogues have as well as their Focus :P


Jaedia said...

Camouflage isn't supposed to help against melee, if melee is the problem, we have Deterrance. On BM - I'm an MM Hunter, I find BM quite boring as it stands, this preview has rekindled my interest in BM. Just gonna have to wait and see how everything plays out when it goes live ^^

Vespers said...

All melee *except ret pallies* you mean. Poor us. and our utter and complete lack of a gap closer.

Phyllixia said...

@Jaedia - you can't use Deterrence when you're Disarmed, and melee tend to be the ones able to disarm us.

@Vespers - Freedom is the gap closer for pallies. If we can't snare you we don't have time to stop and DPS you either - especially because Stings don't stick :)