Sunday, April 25, 2010

PuG team

Since Bloodlust Alliance are notoriously bad at winning in the PvP stakes as a general rule, I've occasionally joined a cross-realm premade (the "QQ" crew, if you're familiar with them from Trade Chat spam on your server).

If you aren't sure how a cross-realm premade works, you basically get on Ventrilo and all queue at once. If most people get a popup for the same BG (eg. Arathi Basin 2), everyone enters. If not, everyone quits until the current BG fills with PuGs, then all re-queue. You tend to get a couple of PuGs, but for the most part it's a decent-sized team.

Last night in one of my AB games, a single PuG had made it into our QQ premade; a tree druid. At one point in the game, I found myself guarding the flag at the farm with this druid when a rogue and 2 warriors rode up and tried to take us out.

They failed, miserably. The druid and I worked together instinctively, kiting the melee over Frost Traps and keeping them off the flag, him keeping us both alive and me peeling them off both of our backs with Wyvern, Scatter and Concussive every cooldown.

When the druid finally went down after the 3 horde had died a few times each (they kept rezzing at their hall and coming back for more), I called for backup and managed to keep myself alive long enough for help to arrive and clear them out properly.

"That was fun" the druid whispered.
"GJ :)" was my reply.
"GJ yourself, it's nice to play with someone who doesn't just take care of themselves"

Sure, the premade I was in was great... but I think that PuG was the best teammate I had all night. If only he was on my server; I'd add him to my Arena team roster in a heartbeat!

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Euripides said...

I love it when stuff like that happens :)