Saturday, September 12, 2015

The LFG Note

With no experience in the Upper Citadel and an ilvl in the low 700s due to some lacklustre loot luck, I'd had to be quite diligent and a little creative about my LFG note for trying to get past Heroic Gorefiend.

Unfortunately, even "744 Ring" - an indication that you've killed Normal Archimonde 3 times - didn't seem to be quite enough for picky PuG leaders.

I was more than a little relieved when loot started dropping again this week, jumping me 6 ilvls (in my bags, at least!) to sit comfortably at 710 plus 4pc, and subsequently putting 2 more heroic kills on the board.

Yes, I'm probably getting carried a little - I had a mage in my PuG do almost double my DPS in the Heroic Xhul kill (and ranked 1st for mages on that fight to boot - had to have been a fairly progressed Mythic raider) - but I've never been bottom in any kills yet, so I can't be *too* much of a hindrance.

Luckily, now that I can put "8/13H" in my note, I'm a lot more confident about getting to 11/13H, considering the extra kills are an unconscious step up from the "easy" first 6.

Hopefully I'll find a Socrethar PuG this week for a chance at the crossbow as well - it would be nice to be on the higher end of the DPS rather than the lower one. Besides, any more kills I can add to the ol' LFG note just means I'll find it easier to get a PuG next week. Go go experience!