Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Time is Now

Raid nights shortened (DS normal is now a 1-night a week affair and we haven't started heroic modes), almost no Raid Finder (I have everything except the ring... which continues to elude me :P), no Diablo 3, no MoP beta, no Darkmoon Faire dailes - I finally have time to take a look at the worgen and goblin starting areas!

So far, I'm really liking the worgen area; the story and atmosphere are great - for now, anyway. I can see that levelling more than 1 could get quite tedious, considering you can't really skip quests etc.

It's not really a problem for me since I don't really have many alts, but I'm sure there are others that would want the absolutely epic racial and are sick of the quests.

Hopefully RL will allow me to play through the new areas - and hopefully the BElf one too, since I still haven't completely finished it - before Diablo 3/MoP/raiding kick in again, because I'm quite enjoying this "new" content!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bull#$%# Eye

"Bullseye" on Thursday:

"Bullseye" yesterday:

There were more people around on Thursday; Saturday I did it at a time when the Faire was less busy. Aint latency grand? :P

Monday, March 5, 2012

Deathwing Death

Tonight's guild raid saw Deathwing's corpse sink into the Maelstrom.

Not a bad effort for a guild that a) started raiding DS about a month late, b) lost pretty much all of the then-current guild officers to work or SW:ToR, c) have difficulty fielding a full raid team some nights due to lack of numbers and d) actually killed Deathwing tonight with a 2.5wk old 85 using his offspec.

Up until now (all the way back to Vanilla!), the actual "end game" (heroic modes and/or Achievements) has never been on the agenda for Southern Wardens, but it's nice to see we're finally at that stage.

I'll be interested to see how we do in Mists of Pandaria, since as a guild we seem to be progressing further every tier :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Heroic Trial of the Fail

I joined a 25m PuG the other day hoping to clear heroic ToC.

As per usual, it was fairly straightforward until we got to Anub - Leeching Swarm got the better of us every time (not that it was even one of the better PuGs I've been in - out of the 10 or so tries where I repeatedly mentioned the fact that the adds need to die first, not once were they all dead before Anub was pushed into phase 3).

Even though the PuG failed to kill him, the attempts left me feeling that if it was a guild run, we would have been able to do it. Definitely not easily, but doable.

What's more, Durendil, one of the pioneering epic hunter soloers (bless those people!) recently uploaded a video of a solo heroic 10m Anub kill.

Unfortunately, not all of my guild are as enthusiastic about Achievement hunting as I am (I know, it's terrible that not everyone has my OCD! :P), so I tend to have to resort to PuGs for this kind of thing and hope they don't fail.

Of course, PuGs being PuGs, every ToC PuG I've joined since hitting 85 has failed at Anub. Oh well, perhaps I'll be able to solo the 25m version when I'm level 90....