Monday, November 17, 2014

Queue Queue

Once again, the fresh expansion enthusiasm means that queue times on Proudmoore on the weekend were horrendous. I did, however, use the queue time wisely: it's the best time to read up on what I need to know for the levelling/gearing process.

First stop? Petopia, naturally.

There are some pretty awesome new skins out and since all of the pet abilities have been shuffled around, I no longer need certain pets purely for utility. I think there's only a few pet skins that I would never get rid of due to emotional attachment over looks; my original cat Shadow that I've had since WoW beta and Loque'nahak being the main two.

Apart from that, making sure I have at least one pet for each pet ability and one exotic pet from each family (for the extra ability) is a lot easier this time around - 4 birds of prey and 4 stags? No problem - especially as Mythic raids are now 20man and I'm not likely to need to bring any particular pet :)

I still don't have enough room for all the pets that I want, of course... but I'm pretty happy with my list. There are at least 10 switches and I'm sorry to see the other pets go, but it's always exciting to do a stables change-up!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Warlords of Earth

I meant to do a blog post last week when work eased off for the month, but there were just too many things happening around town due to a small gathering of Earth's Warlords for me to be home much.

Since the actual event will be happening this weekend, I'm quite happy that I have Friday off to get started on WoD. Even more so, since my new guild's raid leader has declared that we will officially start raiding in 3 weeks.

Even though I'm keen to raid, I refuse to rush to cap just for the sake of being able to start with everyone else. I'm not entirely sure I'll make the deadline, considering my levelling rate in previous expansions has been something along the lines of double that time. I also - as per my usual routine - haven't really looked at anything I'll need to gear up or level my garrison etc, so will probably take even longer.

Basically, I'll be doing my best to keep up with this crew... just not compromising my usual enjoyment of the levelling process. Besides, hunters level fairly quickly anyway!