Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I Want a Refund

So apparently, you can't bonus roll heirlooms from Garrosh:


All those wasted coins!

....Well, OK, only 3 coins for me since we moved fairly quickly to Heroics instead of clearing to Garrosh... but still! :P

Friday, January 24, 2014

Hit Me, Baby, One More Time

The good news: New heroic Crossbow!

The bad news: Now at 10.9% Hit after reforging. Seriously, where is all the non-hit gear? :(

Oh, well, upgrades are upgrades. We're running close to the enrage timer for heroic Sha, so I suppose one can't complain!

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Changing Friends List

I hadn't thought much about it until recently, but I've realised that the people on my friends list has changed significantly over the years.

When I was in my first raiding guild, I was often PuGging content with strangers... and because PuGging was so difficult, I always added good PuG raid leaders and reliable PuGgers to my list so that I would know who to ask if I ever wanted a group for old raids or achievements.

As people have left the game and WoW has changed to be more casual-friendly with LFR and Flex modes making an entrance, my friends list has become less a way of keeping track of random good players and more about keeping track of ex-guildies.

Is this a bad thing? Possibly. I can't remember the last time I met anybody new in WoW outside of the guild. Then again, I suppose the last time I PuGged anything outside the guild was around then, too. RIP Trade Chat PuGging :(

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Holiday Hunting II

Yet another holiday task I set myself was to hunt down the treasures scattered around the continent.

Particularly for the latter group, I would recommend searching for the items that only spawn in one place rather than one that spawns in an area. The items aren't exactly large, so it's quite easy to miss them.

Luckily, it seems most people are focussed on farming on the Timeless Isle, so I haven't had too much competition.

I also recommend you take the time to look around while you're doing it. You might find some rather amusing sights on your way, like this poor dude...

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Holiday Hunting

Happy New Year, everyone!

I may have been extremely lax in blogging over the Christmas break, but I certainly haven't been lax in WoW.

Since my guild hasn't been raiding much over the holidays, I've put some time into a couple of solo endeavours... one of which I really should have done a whole lot earlier, being a BM hunter:

Yep, that's almost every single wild minipet tamed. A lot more fun than fishing or archaeology, but still a good opportunity to watch the Brisbane International tennis or read a book :P

I still have a few of those achievements to go - mostly the Pandaria ones - but I feel like I've made decent headway into what initially looked like an incredibly daunting minigame.

Plus, tentacle. Who doesn't want a pet tentacle?!