Sunday, December 20, 2009

What to do when benched for raids

Start soloing Molten Core, duh.

Lucifron was first, and easy:

Gehennas was third, and also easy:

Magmadar was second... and easy.... but damn, his trash is annoying:

I basically had to resort to using Vanilla WoW old school hunter tricks - Feign Death, Pet Passive and drink - because for some reason, the Core Hound trash packs just wouldn't die.

They wouldn't rez either, which is what they're supposed to do - they just stayed on the ground, getting hit by ticks of Volley but not actually despawning.

Not only that, but if I was too reckless (as I so often am!) and died, the Core Hounds actually *did* fully respawn and I'd have to start over.... so I had to do the entire room plus Maggy himself without dying.

Sadly, Garr was next and apparently my regular BM spec and raiding gear (but with T5 gloves and shoulders) didn't cut it - he does hit rather hard. I'll have to go back again later, perhaps after either tweaking my turtle's spec or changing my gear somehow (I'm too lazy/cheap to respec myself... and besides, where's the fun in that? Plenty of people have soloed MC in full "tank" spec, so I know it can be done already!).

I would have kept going at Garr awhile, but a level 79 guildie who I'd promised to help get a Core Hound pet logged on, so we spent some time figuring out how to do it.

(If you're wondering, I had my turtle tank the Core Hound a little and then set him to Passive/Stay while my friend beat on it. After pulling aggro, he chucked on a Draenei heal and started the tame from range. I'd been ready with a bandage in case he needed it, but he didn't)

Next time, Garr goes down... and I'll finally be exalted with Hydraxian Waterlords to boot!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Looking For Chat Channel

The new Looking For Group setup is great for getting quick daily dungeon runs.

It's also great for alts - my tauren druid managed to get a group for Ramparts in all of about 10sec as a healer, which was convenient as I only had less than an hour to play at that time.

What it *isn't* good for - and an annoying one for me - is allowing you to be on alts while you wait for raids to form.

To explain a little further:

I'm a high Achiever. I like to say I've done everything - as of this post, I have 8140 Achievement points, and a lot of those points were from PuGs.

I don't, however, care about Achievement points, gear, reputation or experience on my alts - I play them rarely, I'll do all the class-specific quests and get the "essentials" such as fast mounts, but I don't spend gold to gear them up or buy expensive Profession recipes.

The problem? I can no longer play my alts while keeping a lookout for raid groups forming for my hunter unless I sit in town. Non-80 alts can't even sit in the LFG raid tool, because they're not high enough - people can't see you to invite you and you can't see/"hear" them LFM.

Also, even if you *are* on your main, not every group will stick themselves in LFG, especially if they only need a couple of slots filled... meaning you're doomed to sit in a major city just so you can monitor the LFG chat channel.

I probably wouldn't have minded so much being doomed to sit in town months ago, but I already have Old Ironjaw, Old Crafty and all the Dalaran Fountain coins, so what exactly can I do now? Join the travesty that is Trade Chat out of boredom? Surely not...

Monday, December 14, 2009

It took awhile...

...but I finally finished Glory of the Hero, with the last one being Make It Count (man, have they nerfed that place...). I'm quite amused by people who still refuse to run Oculus when it's so easy now, but I guess not everyone likes the jousting/mounted combat system.

Hooray for another mount!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Upgraded Kirin Tor rings!

Among all the Patch 3.3 madness, don't forget you can upgrade your Kirin Tor rings again - I don't think it was in the patch notes, so I thought I'd remind everyone.

Mine was a only a small upgrade, but hey, better than nothing! It again costs 1000g and your old (Etched) ring.

Runed Band of the Kirin Tor

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Southern Wardens vs Yogg-Saron

A couple of things about this vid...

1. It's not really a "here's what to do in this fight" vid. I haven't put too many comments detailing strats, so if you're relying on this to tell you, you'll probably die. I Frapsed this with the intention of showing non-brain room guildies what the rooms looked like from my point of view... so most of the comments are humourous or explain why I'm doing what I'm doing on the screen.

2. I don't usually make vids, but my fairly new computer means I can now run Fraps in the background. If you have any feedback on whether I should do more (and what you would like to see if you do), please feel free to comment/email.

3. I had originally intended to make a proper Hunters Rhok flashy intro etc, but I realized I don't have the time right now... hopefully I'll get around to it later; perhaps early next year.

With that said, here's my guild's first kill of Yogg-Saron on 10man: