Monday, November 26, 2012


After doing 5 LFRs in a row after the last reset, I decided that I had had quite enough of the usual daily grind.

To that end, I haven't done any dailies, heroics or scenarios this week. Instead, I've played on alts, levelled professions (jewelcrafting is an absolute killer...), ticked off a few Cata achievements I hadn't managed to get yet... and generally avoided everything I usually do in WoW.

I have to say, it's been a pretty good break. I'm in a nice position where I have a high enough iLvl for all the LFRs, but no pressure to gear up further because my guild still hasn't started raiding yet.

Next week I'm sure I'll feel obliged to get back into it - particularly as I only have about a week left of the dreaded Golden Lotus dailies - but in the meantime, I've rediscovered that having a spirit beast heal is pretty damn useful for soloing things like Lazy Eye! :D

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Every class in WoW has something that they excel at.

For mages, warlocks and shaman this year, it happens to be 3v3. DKs are elite soloers, druids are hit-and-run farming kings, paladins never die... and hunters, well, over the full 8 years of WoW you really can't beat us for levelling/questing (what do you mean, you have trouble tagging and/or killing goats?).

This expansion, however, I've found something else we're good at - Scenarios.

Not only can we solo everything, we're also the most versatile class anyone can be put with, since we can bring 5 different pets and act as tank or DPS depending on group makeup.

As a bonus, the PuG queue times for DPS are short, unlike LFR and LFG... so if you're as sick of dailies as I am and need to top up your VP for the day, it can be a quick and easy "dungeon" where you aren't as likely to wipe... purely because you're the hunter and you can make it work!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I don't do it often...

I usually have an extremely high tolerance for people in LFR. Low DPS, excessively talkative, stands in fire, low iLvl - I won't ever initiate a kick if you're one of those people, although I may vote if someone else does, depending on how bad I think you are and whether I think you're trying your best.

Today's LFR, however, brought an absolute @#$%head healer who missed the mage table at the beginning (even though it was announced as a raid warning through someone's mod) and then proceeded to complain after every pull that he was out of mana and refused to heal.

I was, quite frankly, surprised this priest managed to last in the raid all the way until the first boss, especially as he took on a rogue that had told him to shut up, apparently not only arguing in raid chat but also whispering the rogue and several others to demand free mage food.

Right before the boss, one of the mages finally put a table down, so the priest got his way... except I chose that moment to initiate a kick.

Totally worth the couple of minutes' wait for another healer. Totally.

Friday, November 9, 2012


If you've started repping up with the Klaxxi, you will probably know that one of the NPCs gives you a buff to control a minion for 10min.

I was rather amused to discover that since you can MC any NPC in the zone, you can get some rather amusing companions:

This poor sod just can't stop mining, whether we're attacking or AFK. Can't imagine he has much of a life... wonder if he sleepwalks and mines too? o.O

Friday, November 2, 2012

That was a raid?

About a week ago, I ventured into LFR for the first time.

I hadn't read anything about it - no strats, lore, screenshots, dungeon journal, zip - and none of the PuGs had offered strats, so I was rather surprised to realise halfway through what I thought was a trash pack was in fact the first boss encounter.

In fact, I didn't feel there were any really difficult boss mechanics for an average group of PuGs until the very last boss, although a couple of the previous bosses may have had tough mechanics for tanks and healers.

I went in again as soon as the VP cap reset this week, and absolutely blew through both halves of LFR in just over an hour.

Once again, I can't really see anyone wanting to do this raid past the first tier or so of raiding, which means that pretty much every tier people will only ever do the most current content and good luck if you want to do the rest.

Maybe this system will work out, I don't know... but for Achievement hunters like me, it'll be that much harder to fill PuGs for older content.