Wednesday, October 13, 2021


A guildmate reminded me this blog existed, so I thought I would share a pic of the most popular pet I have ever had: Book.

For some reason, this unassuming worm receives quite a lot of attention from strangers and guildmates alike, which completely surprised me at first - but I guess unlike the more popular pretty ponies and cats, most hunters don't immediately think of taming worms.

My transmogs often get random whispers too, especially as I don't use a particular "set", but rather piece together my own outfit.

It just goes to show - sometimes you stand out a lot more when you do something different!
(Also... Book just *is* cute)

Friday, January 15, 2021

Real Life Hits Blog for >9000 (8000 Overkill)

Despite the length of time between this post and the last, I have actually been playing WoW fairly consistently the entire time.

I just don't have anywhere near the amount of time I used to have to write a blog post (or, in fact, the inclination - considering there are now many places to get the small tips I used to post, in a more efficient way and in a central location).

To that end, I've updated my go-to hunter links on the right hand side of the page for anyone who happens to come across this blog (who on earth are you people?!), so you will hopefully find what you are looking for.

If you happen to be here to see what the hell I've been up to all this time, well... a lot! I've changed guilds (again), tamed a stupid number of pets (anyone else's favourite part of the expansion the 200-slot stables?) and signed up with a bunch of vampires... and that's not counting the fact that I skipped posting anything to this blog for almost the entire of Legion (has it really been three and a half years?!).

I can't promise to post more frequently or keep anything on this page updated, but if you're looking to chat or learn2hunter, I'm happy to answer in-game mail (Phyllixia-Khaz'goroth). Otherwise, you never know.... I may pop up here again at some point if I feel the need to be creative!