Monday, June 14, 2010

Phyllixia on Holiday

It's highly unlikely that there will be any blog posts for the next couple of months, as I'll be away and not playing WoW.

Then again.... I *will* probably be keeping tabs on any hunter previews for Cataclysm, so who knows? :)

On a related note: apparently my 25man ICC PuG subconsciously threw a going-away party for me, because not only did we complete a smooth 9/12 run this morning (I'd been 6/12 in 25man previously), I also won the roll on Deathbringer's Will!

Rather amusing how it's usually the tier pieces people upgrade first.... and now I find myself completely in ilvl 264 gear *except* for my 4 pieces of T10. WTB Hunter tokens, PST! :P

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hunter Tank!

So I finally got to tank in a raid the other day.

No, not using a pet tank - that day will come, I'm sure! - but a boss hunters are legitimately asked to tank occasionally, Prince Keleseth of the Blood Prince Council.

Not only did I have fun (Kill Shot as an opener? Close to 50,000 hit points in full PvP/tank gear, even minus a couple of buffs? Hell yes!), we even got an Achievement at the end of it:

Thanks to our great healers, I didn't even feel the need to use my emergency shield (and we didn't have a warlock for healthstones... which is actually why I was tanking in the first place), so it was a pretty comfortable kill.

Definitely a lot better than my usual job of running around chasing after orange balls, anyway!

(Side note - having to put up Rank 1 Serpent Sting on all of the purple nuclei really does drain your mana... I was surprised how quick it went, even in Survival spec)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

WoW Spam

It's interesting how I take ad spam in WoW for granted these days.

Whether it's the floating orcs (as shown above) or everyone's buddy "Susan" in Trade Chat, I don't bat an eye.

Usually I take the time to click and report them for spam, but sometimes I don't even notice... and others, I just couldn't be bothered.

Sometimes I wonder, though... is everyone else as apathetic about it as me, or are there people out there who still care? Does Blizzard even care, or do they just mass ban the accounts that got reported and move on?

Friday, June 4, 2010

Most Expensive Quest Chain Ever

Yeah, I finally paid for the hilt.

Not the best way to spend gold, perhaps... especially since I have Distant Land already and Quel'Delar wasn't even an upgrade.

Still, it's definitely a cool quest chain and would recommend doing it to people if you have enough gold to throw away :)