Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Escalating Issues

With a week of experiencing Patch 5.3, I've discovered several things:

Blink Strikes is handy because it's quick and automatic.... and also inconvenient because it's quick and automatic. Accidentally sending your pet in to attack the wrong thing now requires a better reaction time than usual :P

Also in the talents, missing the extra interrupt from Intimidation. Once again Blizzard is taking away things that make BM fun and unique for me: NOT HAPPY, Jan.

Once the quest chain is complete, the Barrens doesn't hold any interest whatsoever. For someone who hates farming, a quest which requires you to collect 4x150 items is quite off-putting, even if there are rewards.

Heroic scenarios are easy, fun and fast. Pretty much the same reaction I had to normal scenarios when they were new; thumbs up to Blizzard for whoever came up with the concept!

I still have not had time to fill my stables. WTB RL holidays!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Roll Call

Having found my 50 pets in preparation for tomorrow's patch, I have now named and identified species, colour and location for each stable slot. Full list below (with a few explanatory notes for some of the names!):

  1. Basilisk - Medusa
  2. Bat - Vampyr
  3. Bear - Shardik
  4. Beetle - Tempus
  5. Bird of Prey - Talon (eagle), Carc* (black hawk)
  6. Boar - Brimstone (felboar)
  7. Carrion Bird - Roc
  8. Cat - Robotica (black gem panther), Shadow (black panther), Jewel (green gem panther)
  9. Crab - Scuttle
  10. Crane - Dart
  11. Crocolisk - Slimer (slime)
  12. Dog - Fury (blighthound)
  13. Dragonhawk - Dynamite
  14. Fox - Tails
  15. Goat - Rumble
  16. Gorilla - Seismic
  17. Hyena - Bullet
  18. Monkey - Sunwukung
  19. Moth - Celestia
  20. Nether Ray - Bloodshade
  21. Porcupine - Quills
  22. Raptor - Razor
  23. Scorpid - Tank (armoured type)
  24. Serpent - Lightning (cobra), Plasma (arcane wyrm)
  25. Spider - Venom
  26. Sporebat - Galaxy
  27. Tallstrider - Streak
  28. Turtle - Koopa
  29. Warpstalker - Bamf (the sound, not the acronym... in case it wasn't obvious :P)
  30. Wasp - Sting
  31. Wind Serpent - Hydrastorm
  32. Wolf - Static (lightning worg)
  33. Chimaera - Myth
  34. Core Hound - Cerberus
  35. Devilsaur - Yoshii (green - and had to be two "i"s due to Blizz's naming policy)
  36. Quilen - Sekhmet
  37. Rhino - Thunder
  38. Shale Spider - Skitter
  39. Silithid - Malice
  40. Spirit Beast - Ghost (Loque'nahak), Electrashock (Skoll)
  41. Water Strider - Skimmer (water strider), Stilts (fen strider)
  42. Worm - Jaws (jormungar), Book (silkworm)
  43. Direhorn - Spike**

*I know... Carc is supposed to be a raven. I liked the look of the black hawk more than the in-game raven :P

**I know... Spike is a stegosaurus and Cera is the triceratops. I like Spike better as a name :P

As you can see, I have at least one pet for every pet family (of which there are 43), with 7 extras for different skins. Unfortunately I probably won't get time to tame these until the weekend, since my guild raids on Wed and Thurs nights... oh well, not like I'll actually get them all this week anyway - it's quite a huge list! :P

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


It usually is the case that doing LFRs get easier as time goes on, since more and more people learn the fight every week.

Case in point: first week of ToT release, this many stacks of Determination:

Hours of wipe time, people leaving and being replaced with yet another lot of people who hadn't seen the fight before... and getting stuck behind the trash because the first raid group had made everyone run past to click on the column instead of clearing. Nightmare.

This week, after having an unusually awful time with Ion Qon in this week's LFR, I hadn't been looking forward to doing Lei Shen with the same group... but I was pleasantly surprised when this happened:

Full buff list... no stacks of Determination. Go the casual PuGs! :)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Rona the Lone-a

In another one of those "amazing what you find if you explore" moments, I roamed Darkmoon Isle looking for Darkmoon Glowflies (yes, late to the Pokémon party) and discovered an out of the way vendor:

Not sure I'd want to eat a few of those vendor items... o.O