Sunday, May 24, 2015

Aspects of the Fox

Since Patch 6.2 is set to remove Aspect of the Fox, I've been trying to monitor how often I use it in raids and how essential - or non-essential, as Blizzard seems to think - the ability really is. So, my uses in BRF:

  1. Oregorger - directly after a feeding frenzy (1x)
  2. Hans/Franz - start of final burn phase (1x)
  3. Beastlord - none
  4. Gruul - during destructive rampage (1x)
  5. Flamebender - as requested
  6. Thogar - none
  7. Blast Furnace - start of phase 2 and during phase 3 (2x)
  8. Kromog - none
  9. Iron Maidens - Marak's boat phase (1x)
  10. Blackhand - phase 3 (1x)

Notably, I would say only #2, #4, #7 and #10 are the fights where AotF is useful; and then only #7 and #10 where it's really useful. Considering Blast Furnace and Blackhand are pretty much the two hardest fights in the entire raid, it's unsurprising for any raid-wide ability to be a significant boost.

However, is AotF really necessary? Probably not, considering most casters have either some sort of cooldown to cast on the run or instant cast spells that could tide the raid over until the phase change settles down, which is when AotF is the most useful.

Will I miss it? Sure. Nothing like pulling it out to rez your pet on the run... but I have a feeling our boomkin will miss it more, and I'm fairly content with that!

Friday, May 1, 2015

And Here's Me at the Frozen Throne

Trying to take a few travel selfies and Arthas photobombed me... such an attention hog.