Saturday, May 12, 2012

Solo Pit Fighter

I know I'm not the best PvPer. Far from it, in fact. However, I do like being the underdog - sometimes you can sneak your way to the finish line purely because you're not the most obvious target.

With no extra buffs, under-par PvP gear (still less than 3500 resilience) and not a single party member to back me up, I almost didn't step into the Darkmoon Arena ring tonight because I knew it'd be tough. However, there were enough people fighting that I figured I'd have a chance of ninjaing the chest...

...which is clearly what happened, because I've just come away from the Darkmoon Arena with my second Pit Fighter trinket - and this one I managed solo!

All it took was waiting for the right moment. In this case, a mage put up a Ring of Frost on the chest, clearly expecting to catch everyone and have the chest be safe for a few seconds. I deliberately run in, trinket, FD to make everyone lose me as a target, drop a Freezing Trap and start opening the chest.

Meanwhile, of course, everyone else is still either frozen in the mage's ring or staying out so they don't get caught. I send my bat to stun someone coming close, a warrior charges into my trap... and bam. Cast finishes, I get the trinket. Epic win! Only 10 more to go.... :P

Monday, May 7, 2012

Failands Raiding

We've been trying to get one of our guild members a legendary staff from Firelands on our off-raiding night, which is actually quite a long slog.

You'd think it'd be an easy raid for a guild in heroic DS - and for the most part, it is - but Ragnaros actually gives us more trouble than regular progression content, to the point where we almost always finish at Domo.

We also tried heroic Shannox once or twice tonight for fun; it wasn't pretty. It's a little difficult to catch Face Rage when the only shot that works for me is Chimera and the other ranged don't have great shots either (we unfortunately don't run with a mage/warlock regularly). Saving Chimera for Face Rage doesn't quite work when you're the one getting swiped, funnily enough....

I'm starting to wonder if Firelands might not be more difficult now that DS is progressively getting nerfed - even if it isn't, it certainly feels that way sometimes!