Monday, May 7, 2012

Failands Raiding

We've been trying to get one of our guild members a legendary staff from Firelands on our off-raiding night, which is actually quite a long slog.

You'd think it'd be an easy raid for a guild in heroic DS - and for the most part, it is - but Ragnaros actually gives us more trouble than regular progression content, to the point where we almost always finish at Domo.

We also tried heroic Shannox once or twice tonight for fun; it wasn't pretty. It's a little difficult to catch Face Rage when the only shot that works for me is Chimera and the other ranged don't have great shots either (we unfortunately don't run with a mage/warlock regularly). Saving Chimera for Face Rage doesn't quite work when you're the one getting swiped, funnily enough....

I'm starting to wonder if Firelands might not be more difficult now that DS is progressively getting nerfed - even if it isn't, it certainly feels that way sometimes!


zanbon said...

do you have a shadow priest? one mind spike ought to crit the face rage right off. hunters are possibly the worst choice for face rage crits.

Phyllixia said...

We do. Our shadow priest was having trouble too; I'm not sure why (I don't know much about priest DPS because my alt is a healer and I don't play it much). I'll keep that in mind to investigate next time, thanks :)

Omogon said...

I always maintained that Firelands was harder than Dragon Soul. We have downed Deathwing several times but have yet to kill Rag. In Firelands even if the dps is epic and ypu out gear the place , it all depends on how well you execute "the dance" for each boss. if you screw up the dance the raid is done...even if everybody else pulls a gagillion deeps !!

Laeleiweyn said...

We've had two Dragonwrath so far; one for each raid team. A third one is being made now, made up with volunteers and alts from the entire guild. I know they mostly stop after Staghelm as well. I guess it's just too much hassle almost one year after release, when bringing people unfamiliar with it.

I really really really love that fight though. It's so fun and varied. I picture it kind of like a dance (not that I dance much).

Anyway, good luck on finishing the staff. It's really awsome participating in finishing such a cool thing for a friend/team member. :)