Saturday, April 17, 2010

My new favourite mount actually the same as my old favourite mount.

That is to say, this one:

Blizzard gets enough of my money; I refuse to pay extra for a pretty horse when I have plenty of nice-looking mounts already.

Not to mention, I tend to like things that took a lot of in-game effort to get, because it means more - I spent quite a bit of time tailing Skyshatter and his buddy for my Netherwing drake, and my favourite ground mount is still the first cat I bought at 60 when I finally scraped enough gold for it.

I hope Blizzard brings in the change for all flying mounts to be 310% if you have a 310% one soon, because I'm getting quite sick of my purple-pink atrocity.

I mean, I know it took some effort to get and I should be proud of it... but I do hate pink.

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Anonymous said...

My Netherwing drake is my favorite mount, too. But 310 > 280, so I'm riding either Steely Dan, the Ironbound PD, or Tristar, the Ludicrous Steed. I'm excited to hear that Blizzard is bumping all mounts to whatever max mount speed one has. Awesome.