Sunday, April 4, 2010

Gold Can't Buy You...


To explain: I have 117 minipets, all of which are game-only (ie. none from trading cards or collector's editions), which means I am well over quota for the 75 pet Achievement. All of the BoE ones were bought with gold over the years.

I have a bike.

I have ICC-level BoE gear.

What I don't have: the 100 mount Achievement (I have 97 right now), because I can't buy any more with gold - the only places I can get a mount now are rare drops or force myself to do the Argent Tournament dailies.

Since I shirk at anything that includes some sort of "farming" (herbing, grinding mobs, running dungeons, daily quests etc) because I get bored easily, I'm rather disappointed that I've run out of things I can buy.

In fact, the only thing left on the Auction House that I could possibly spend my gold on is a Battered Hilt... and only for the quest chain, because the weapon itself would be a downgrade.

Oh well... maybe it's about time I started saving anyway, since there's bound to be plenty of BoE stuff in Cataclysm. Hopefully more mounts.

And no, you can't have any gold. :P

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Anonymous said...

I don't share your love of minipets, but I do have a lot of mounts, and I completely share your hatred of farming things.

I don't know how I managed to do enough dailies to get the Crusader title.
I just know that I can't face doing dailies every day for months, or even weeks to get the Champion's Seal mounts. Grr @ dailies in all forms!rests