Thursday, April 8, 2010

This is why you don't quit

Given Bloodlust Alliance tend to be.... less than stellar... at PvP, I entered a half-finished AV with a sinking heart as I noted the score: Horde ~400, Alliance ~200.

"OK, I'll just farm some kills in the Hall and be done with it," is what I thought.

Instead, this happened:

It was one of the most exciting AVs I've ever had - every kill counted, every death counted.

I even joined a couple of others to help defend the single resource the Alliance owned, the Irondeep Mine (and it was no easy task!), while the rest of our team were locked in full "turtle" mode pushing back from the Stormpike Graveyard.

When we eventually won, it was with 59 resources left at 38min, which is something you rarely see these days. Nice to know there are still some good battles to be had in "organized" PvP. :)

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Anonymous said...

That's amazing. I played on Aman'Thul for 2 years. Alliance Bloodlust was terribad at AV. Good to hear that there's now hope when for y'all when entering AV :)