Tuesday, June 30, 2009

For the.....Horde?

While Blizzard's announcement that you will soon be able to switch Factions didn't really surprise me, from a lore point of view I'm rather horrified.

After all, I may not be an RP'er, but I still do think of Phyllixia as an individual with a personality, allegiances and a history; changing Phyllixia's race, class, name or faction would change her entire character.

From a practical point of view.... well, a few of my guildies (and, I'm sure, many others) are excited about the prospect; there will probably be a few more alts in our guild when the option becomes available.

Personally, I wouldn't switch - not only because of the friends and acquaintances I've accumulated while PuGging and raiding with my Alliance guild, but also because "Phyllixia" is a night elf, not a blood elf, and she serves Tyrande.

Of course, if Blizzard ever decides to add Forsaken hunters, Tyrande had better be prepared to argue her case to keep me!


Anonymous said...

I won't switch either (unless my guild does) but I think of my hunter more as a collection of iLVL gear with a sprite pasted under it. And next to it. But the one next to it is an untextured cube ;)

Francisco said...

Personally I wouldn't switch. At least, not my hunter, that's for sure. He's an orc and happy about it! Although, from a roleplaying point of view, it isn't that absurd to think of a night elf who doesn't really agree with Alliance philosophy, or a tauren who decided he would fare better among the draenei. Actually, something like that would be fairly awesome.

I would love to see this implemented through reputations - with the necessary rep grind included. Certainly it would be better than "converting" a character from one race into another...

Phyllixia said...

Yeah, reputations-based would be awesome. I would have been exalted with Forsaken a long time ago! :)

Ursuron said...

I would much prefer a reputation-based system, personally. As for the alts, I suspect that I will leave one character over on the horde side just to do the different set of quests and experience the other side of the lore.

I suspect that part of the faction-changing tech will involve changing the race of the character, which would be unfortunate. I *like* the big hulking Tauren model for my warrior. :)

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