Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hunter elite soloing

For years, I'd followed the Hunter vs. World series, where Dysphoria, a Kiwi hunter on Frostmourne, managed to solo dungeons that technically shouldn't be soloable.

Unfortunately, Dysphoria retired from WoW, and although there were (and still are) forum threads floating around where hunters post about their epic soloing feats and how they'd managed it, I thought that was the end of videos.

Not so.

Haiatu from Nathrazim (going by the name Xhellhawkx to post vids) has managed to solo quite a few dungeons, including most of Molten Core, AQ20 and heroic Magister's Terrace.

Sure, it lacks the story and machinima quality of Dysphoria's Hunter vs World series, but it's nice to know there are still hunters out there that act as inspiration for the rest of us to try soloing old world content!

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