Friday, June 26, 2009

Vice Versa

Lately I've been feeling rather amused - or maybe wistful - at the thought of how my "main" (BM) and "off" (Survival) specs have been playing out for me.

Occasionally - fights with adds in particular, which is actually quite a few Ulduar fights - my PvP-Survival spec (which I was using either for Replenishment or because I've forgotten to switch out) has out-DPSed my PvE-BM spec.

On the flip side, my all-DPS 3v3 Arena team benefits more from theburst damage of BM than the CC my Survival spec provides.

What to do? Should I switch to using BM for PvP and Survival for PvE (keeping the same talents I already have, of course - I'm not "BM spec since beta" for nothing and I'm certainly not going to start speccing the latest fashion now!)?

I'm pretty sure my BM spec would still out-DPS my Survival spec in fights where mana and adds aren't an issue (Replenishment and AoE capability put Survival way ahead of BM in these cases, even when it's a PvP spec), but it's hard to tell when my guild doesn't use the same raid composition from week to week.

Or... maybe I should switch specs according to fights - BM for fights like Ignis and Hodir; Survival for Razorscale and Freya, for instance?

Hmm... now that I think about it, that actually sounds like fun. It'd be a challenge trying to keep my shot rotation straight if I'm switching from one spec to another every other fight - perhaps I'll try that in one of my guild raids and see how I go!

2 comments: said...

Lots of mid raid spec switching is derigeur for healers, and it's been fun for me. :-)

More interesting is that even whilst in a nominally DPS role, my "heal" spec ( all spirit talents and PW:Shield Fu) is better for trash pulls that involve raid damage.

I'm not far off having enough hit to do bosses in that spec, and then it'll be a "do we need replenishment or a bit extra healing?" decision.

Effectively I have three specs. :-) It's ace.

Anonymous said...

I'm having fun watching the damage meters and trying to guess which spec you are for a given fight. Given my goal as a hunter is simply to keep up with your dos output, its a fun challenge.