Monday, April 27, 2009

Quest text

Some quests I agree could use a little more detail in the description as to where to find things.

However, in this day and age where everyone (well, except me) uses a multitude of addons such as Quest Helper and Cartographer to help play the game... I think some people may have lost their common sense from underuse.

This example actually amused me, but I've been in guilds before (lowbie levelling guilds that randomly invite anyone, usually) where someone needs help to find stuff for every single quest... and it can really get quite annoying.

Seriously, people - not only does that quest tell you exactly where in Westfall you can find the quest item in the quest text (a house in western Moonbrook), the frickin' quest TITLE tells you where to go.

Read the quest text, stop using so many mods, and you never know - you might even find yourself having fun hunting down Mankrik's wife all by yourself!

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