Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bunnies can DPS too!

Being Noblegarden this week, an extra buff was applied in my guild's raids - bunny costumes.

Of course, as with most costumes, there's an associated debuff:

If you've ever been silenced as a hunter, you'll know that some of our abilities are spells - traps and Aspect switching being the more obvious ones.

However, not all of them are... and it was to my great amusement that I lasted quite awhile DPSing as a bunny in my Ulduar raid.

Unfortunately, I didn't think to get screenshots at the time (and Ulduar isn't exactly the best place to be mucking around anyway, unlike Naxx), but I took a few later in Dun Morogh:

Volley (if you look carefully you can even see the faint blue "cast" lines coming out from my bunny self towards the target area):

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Pike said...

Feign Death bunny is my favorite.