Thursday, April 23, 2009

Flame Leviathan - Demolisher Passenger Tips

Last night, my guild killed the Flame Leviathan in Ulduar 25, with one tower up.

Being my first time as a Demolisher passenger being flung up top to destroy turrets, I tried a few things out and thought I'd share my findings here for any interested parties:

Assuming your Demolisher driver can aim, you should land on top of the boss, right next
to one of the 4 turrets you need to DPS.
  1. On the other 3 turrets, a hunter is fine - DPS as normal. However, the one next to you is in melee range, so you won't be able to shoot.
  2. Pets die quickly, and aren't really worth summoning (unless perhaps you're BM and can somehow manage to get a Bestial Wrath off before they die).
  3. Traps (such as Immolation) don't work.
  4. Swap turrets with someone (another ranged DPS), so they DPS the turret you're standing on and you DPS theirs.
  5. If the last turret up is the one in your melee range, switch to Aspect of the Beast for extra Raptor Strike damage.
  6. When the turrets are down and before you get punted off, switch to Viper so you have a full mana bar for the next round (don't forget to switch back to Hawk once you're up top again).

Definitely a fun fight, even if my poor pet had to take a death in the name of science!

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