Monday, March 9, 2009

Never say die

Although I'm a fan of Arenas, I wouldn't usually highlight a match that a) had no hunters and b) has plenty of coverage on other web sites.

However, this particular match has an absolutely brilliant display of talent by a mage that appears to be someone who shares my philosophy of never, EVER, giving up.

Background to the vid:

Competition - Intel Extreme Masters global finals. These 2 teams beat the best from Europe and the US for an all-Korean showdown.
Competitors - SK Gaming Korea (AKA Council of Mages - includes priest "Hyoga") vs H O N (includes mage "Orangemarmalade")
Round - 4 of a best of 5, SK Gaming lead 2-1.

Part 1:

Note that rules of the competition state that if the match is not over in 20min, the win goes to the team that has done the most damage.

With that said, part 2:

And if you want to see H O N cleaning up in the 5th and final match:

Random notes from watching this:

  1. Korea dominates Starcraft, Warcraft 3, and now WoW 3v3 Arena. So much for the US and Europe.
  2. Kill E A, another Korean team, was actually meant to compete instead of SK Gaming Korea... meaning that you *could* say the top three 3v3 teams in the world are from Korea.
  3. All three Korean teams are Rogue/Mage/Priest.... either RMP is still the best, or Koreans can just play better than everyone else with a well-rounded and proven 3v3 comp.
  4. Don't get too cocky (watch Hyoga wanding Orangemarmalade just before his mage dies)
  5. Never give up. Not only did Orangemarmalade save his team the round by going 1v2, the team went on to win the next match (probably due to SK Gaming still being in shock). Bloody awesome /props to him!

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Anonymous said...

Holy shit, that's much better watching than rugby :)