Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Valour Failure

Since my guild started our holiday raiding break (which is now looking to last until MoP, although that's another story...), I haven't been getting my usual quota of Valour Points.

Last week I'd realised that one week of points could get me over the line to the Arena bow I'd been wanting for transmog purposes, so I thought, "Great! I'll just do a quick Raid Finder Dragon Soul and be done with it".

Yeah, not so much.

Whilst RF used to be a quick and easy source for VP, I'm pretty sure that anyone and everyone - including me, really - who is actually capable of running the place has long finished farming it and is nowhere in sight.

Not to mention, the healers left at the slightest hint of a non-optimal group (stretching the queue time and leaving us with only the desperate hangers-on), making it incredibly difficult to finish the run once you wiped.

A few attempts later and I decided it was sadly much easier to run 5man heroics for VP, much to the delight of more than a few undergeared PuGs who /boggled at my ilvl 398 DPS.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, really, considering that everyone is feeling pre-expansion lethargy, but still. LFR is supposed to be easymode raiding, dammit! What happened? :(


Loronar said...

LFR can actually still produce OK results depending on the time of day you go into them. If you catch people at the right time, there are more than enough replacements to salvage an originally failed group.

Sometimes I'll just run through it to cap off the 200 VPs you can't get from Dragon Soul (and also watch people /boggle at my ilvl 405 DPS).

Hydra said...

I think you are very right about those who normally raid are done with LFR. What you have are undergeared alts or non raiding players struggling through.

Loronar is correct that you can hit a sweet spot where there are a lot of players on But nothing like when LFR first launched.

Where are all the "LFR is too easy" peeps now? Maybe Blizzard is smarter then we think they are.