Tuesday, February 3, 2009

When a hunter weapon isn't a hunter weapon

Every class has a primary weapon slot(s) in terms of usage.

In terms of loot, it's usual for each class to get priority for rolling on weapons in their primary slot, and those weapons can be called "theirs" - bows are definitely a hunter weapon, for instance, even though rogues and warriors can equip them.

However, it's slightly different for the secondary weapon slot: There's no specific melee weapon type (and indeed, no particular melee weapon) in WotLK I can think of at the moment that is considered a "hunter" weapon.

One-handers bring up visions of rogues. Staves are at home sitting on the backs of druids. Two-hand swords and axes belong to the DPS plate wearers, and while we *used* to have a bit of a claim on polearms - Shivering Felspine for instance - druids now own these too.

Every "hunter" weapon is shared by some other class, and because they're only "stat sticks" for us, they're actually viewed as theirs: Journey's End? Druid staff. Black Ice? Druid polearm. Betrayer of Humanity? Warrior, DK, or even Ret pally axe.... and those are our three best-in-slot.

I realize it's rare that people will tell you off for using a certain weapon, but if hunters used to get abused for taking a staff over some poor caster when they were actually wearing Lok'delar, I wouldn't be surprised if the same thing is happening with the weapons I listed above.

Should we get our own melee weapon? Maybe, maybe not. I can see why Blizzard is moving away from having items that are only usable by one class; it's a waste if you don't have that class in your raid. But... I always thought it was nice to walk through town and immediately tag someone as a hunter from their Sonic Spear; a melee weapon that everyone recognizes as something for hunters and not for a druid or rogue.

Where's my hunter weapon, Blizzard?


Ursuron said...

You can have Journey's End and Black Ice - not nearly enough stam for me :)

But I see your point. Were the FAP staves useful for hunters before the most recent patch changed FAP around?

Phyllixia said...

@ Ursuron - No, Journey's End was definitely a Druid staff before the changes, and Black Ice was *the* hunter weapon, with Betrayer of Humanity nice if hit capped (and if the plate DPSers let you).

The staff is now best-in-slot over Betrayer if hit capped; Black Ice still wins out if not.