Saturday, April 11, 2015


I've been wandering around Draenor recently trying to get Grand Treasure Hunter and have re-discovered a mob I had trouble soloing when I was a fresh 100:

At the time, I had pulled the rare with every confidence that my BM hunter hax would pull me through (as it had for every other rare I'd encountered thus far), but even burning all my cooldowns, trying different pets and having a couple of random buffs wasn't quite enough to get him down.

With my heroic BRF gear now, I can now solo Echidna easily.

Extremely satisfying to come back and knock this guy over - it's not usually my style to admit defeat! Probably would have kept trying at the time too, except I had been under some pressure to gear up quick - most of my then-guild were already raid-ready on multiple toons and I didn't want to be *too* much of a drag on the rest of the raid.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Old School Facepalm

I really did NOT think that it was possible to have "Legolas" as a name unless you use about 3 ASCII characters, but apparently you can...

Amusingly enough, this guy got kicked (or possibly left) after a few wipes on heroic Blackhand due to crap latency/DPS. Gotta love stereotypes! :D

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Behind the Curve

I've been out of the PuGging game for awhile (no, I don't count LFR... and yes, changed guilds again. Don't ask :P), so I was rather confused with the request for "AotC" on most of the heroic Blackhand groups.

Being a hunter, I'm used to AotC meaning Aspect of the Cheetah, but of course it's not - it's Ahead of the Curve, as in you've killed the boss on heroic before. Unfortunately before tonight, I didn't have it... so trying to find a PuG to take me - and also be good - has been annoying.

The smaller groups (for some reason the "magic number" seems to be 2 tanks, 4 heals and 9 DPS - possibly something to do with the balance of loot and organising the number of people) had huge problems with handling phase 2. If a couple of people died to mechanics, especially in phase 1, you weren't likely to recover.

It was a whole different story when I found a 25m PuG this evening - people were getting hit with bombs and marks left, right and centre. I had to /boggle at the easy two shot (although the group had been going on a little while before I joined, I think).

I also discovered that you can't loot two tokens from Blackhand - as in, one coined and one from the boss. Not that I minded, since I had my 4pc bonus already, but I wouldn't have said no to a 5th piece to swap in/out with non-tier.

Either way, I'm glad I have the achievement now - hopefully will be less trouble to PuG Blackhand in future weeks, which at least means I should be able to get the 5th tier piece soon!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Today is an Awesome Day

I happened to take a detour into Acroniss' cave whilst looking for Lunar Festival Elders and lo and behold, I have a new pet:

I still have a few pet slots waiting for Patrannache, Terrorpene, green Madexx and Gara, but this one is definitely one I've wanted for awhile - the other colours for plasma wyrms just don't cut it!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Inn Size

Anyone else think that if followers like Blook are going to frequent the inn, the garrison crew should have built it a little larger?

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

BlackRhok'in Foundry

Having settled into our new guild Resurrected on Khaz'goroth - a much better fit for us than the previous high-end guild on Proudmoore was - we have made quite a decent headway (9/10 and looking like Blackhand won't prove too difficult) into heroic Blackrock Foundry.

Unlike others, I hadn't really had any complaints about Highmaul. It's an interesting enough raid dungeon and the Mythic fights are extremely challenging for me. However, BRF is proving to be what Blackwing Lair was to Molten Core - a huge step up in fun and mechanics.

We are, of course, still going through mythic Highmaul, since we still haven't cleared it. With the gear jump from T17 2 and 4pc bonuses, we managed to get mythic Brackenspore without too much trouble.

I can see mythic Tectus being a little bit of a challenge - I cannot imagine having to deal with US latency on this fight - the first time I've actually felt that the drop in latency wasn't just a happy convenience but a bit more of a necessity.

As it is, the first few attempts I couldn't manage to get out from under the mountains before getting one-shot (I eventually realised I couldn't afford to even be a single step behind the person getting targeted, otherwise I wouldn't make it).

I'm also still finding it difficult to maximise my SV DPS - at first glance, I can't really see any major errors, but I'm significantly behind compared to the other hunters in execution. On the other hand, I'm finding the set bonuses for SV a lot better than the BM set bonuses, just because I find the BM procs a little too random to be useful.

I'm still hopeful that I can make a killing on mythic Tectus using BM beast cleave, but we'll have to see how that goes.... we'd actually need to survive past the first lot of motes before I can figure that one out! :P

Thursday, January 29, 2015


After my last blog post indicating that my raiding guild had dissolved, I have now moved to Khaz'goroth - an Oceanic server - with 3 of my Zero Yard Range guildies.

Rather appropriately, the fresh start on a fresh server has seen us join a guild called "Resurrected", who have accepted all four of us as trials. I don't expect too many problems, considering we are at the same stage of progression: 2/7 Mythic.

At first glance, they seem like a more laid back kind of group, which I'm happy about - I'll hopefully have a little more time during the week for non-raiding stuff... including more hunter-related blog posts.

I realise that a lot of my posts lately have been guild-drama related, so in the near future I'm going to make a concerted effort to get back to what I intended this blog to be about: how much hunters Rhok! :)

Monday, January 26, 2015

Non Combat

In a rather unsurprising, but unwelcome, turn this week, my guild Non Combat Pet (team Dropbears) has dissolved. Numbers were declining and both raid leaders decided that the raiding pace was too slow (read: not cleared Mythic yet) and quit for greener pastures.

Unfortunately with Proudmoore being what it is, there are next to no Oceanic guilds running raids anymore - certainly none anywhere near our level of progression.

This of course puts me in a position of needing to transfer realms if I want to keep raiding at that level... and finding yet another new guild.

At least this time I'm going to have a couple of my old Zero Yard Range guildies in the same boat - trying to prove yourself in a new guild with no support is a pretty hard slog. I'm hoping that at least a couple of us will be in a slightly more social, and less progression-oriented, guild this time around - I have absolutely no desire to raid 4 nights a week again!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

I Ain't No Flamin' Brack Girl

I'm currently the backup raider and flamethrower on Mythic Brackenspore.

Unfortunately, it seems like every time I start getting the hang of things, something happens to break the flow.

For a start, there are only 20 in a Mythic raid and if everybody shows up, I'd be on the bench.

Secondly, if the other two main hunters are in the raid, I don't use the flamethrower (we have a boomkin for our third).

Thirdly, our flamethrower strat between the 3 raiders is still evolving - trying to find a balance between maxing out two flamethrowers and keeping the moss in check is pretty difficult when your raid DPS changes slightly every raid due to different people, different gear and mushroom spawn points.

Tonight it so happened that one hunter was sick, so I was looking forward to either a kill or a decent run of attempts to practice in... only for the raid to be called due to various raiders having technical issues.

Disappointing not getting a kill, but my main problem? The less I play at a high level, the worse I get at actually playing. Not helpful if you're in the type of guild where you get benched for lack of skill!

I'm considering doing some PvP or at least Brawler's Arena to keep my reaction times fast this weekend if I get some spare gaming time... and probably should anyway for the achievements. So far behind on non-raiding related stuff... not even at 20k points and still have an entire zone I haven't explored!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Hunter Tools in WoD

Zeherah of fame has unfortunately stopped updating the absolutely brilliant tool that was the Hunter DPS Analyzer. Having used a version of this spreadsheet since the time when it was actually a spreadsheet at Elitist Jerks, I am very sorry to see it go, although I wish Zeherah well and thank her for all the effort it took to keep it up to date.

Happily, there is a new tool updated by Esoth:

...although considering the gear choices in raiding are currently extremely straightforward, it probably isn't going to get much use from me in the near future.

More useful is

...which I found extremely helpful for spelling out situational shot priority for Survival (there are guides for MM and BM as well). Definitely useful when DPS is a limiting factor for boss kills; my guild managed to kill Mythic Twin Ogron this week and the last wipe before the kill we were a few % short before someone reminded everybody about Augment Runes.

I'm still a bit shaky on SV DPS compared to BM DPS, but improving as I get more comfortable with it.