Monday, February 16, 2009

Rusty but still serviceable

Over the weekend I went on a Naxx10 guild run - the first for quite awhile since I'm usually busy on weekends.

It was also my first time for a LONG time kiting more than one mob - I don't think I've done multi-mob kiting in a raid since Razorgore, and even then it was only 2.

From my perspective, my multi-mob kiting skills could use some work.

I got hit more than I would have liked, I was a little slow in the beginning picking them up (how healers manage to generate enough aggro for a zombie not to respond to an Aimed Shot from me almost as soon as they're out of the gate, I have no idea) and I even had the 2nd hunter dropping Frost Traps to help me out.

My guildies assured me it was one of the smoothest kills they'd done, so I guess I did OK.

"OK" isn't good enough for me personally though - I like keeping my hunter skills as well-honed as I can get them. The next run I do I'll be aiming for zero hits (or as few as possible), even if I only have my own Frost Trap to do it with!


Euripides said...

I hate how hunters are always the ones called on to kite these buggers... anyone with an aoe slow and a bit of range can do it. Frost mages, DKs, Shamans, hell, even off-duty tanks can do this if a hunter stays back to drop frost traps.

It's frustrating too because assuming the hunter(s) in question have decent gear, we're often the top DPS in the fight. If raid leaders would stop just assuming that hunters are the best kiters (or the only kiters), we'd get the boss down that much faster.

Phyllixia said...

Actually, my guild usually uses tanks + Frost Traps.

It's really more that the raid leader knows I can do something, so I always get stuck doing it, whether it be kiting, chain trapping or whatever else, and even if I have better DPS.

Also, a lot of my guildies aren't confident enough to do "extra" stuff... better for me to do it than for us to wipe I guess :P