Monday, May 31, 2010

My Guild

I have had many, many discussions with people as to why I do the things I do.

One of the more common questions, particularly from dissatisfied guildies or curious non-guild friends, is:

Why do I stay with my guild, Southern Wardens of US-Proudmoore, where raiding progression is slower than I'd like, wipes from silly mistakes are frustrating, and first kills are often obtained through PuGs weeks before the guild as a whole even sets eyes on the boss?

My short answer tends to be: "Because I want to".

Of course, people are rarely satisfied with that answer, so here's a slightly longer one:
  • My guild doesn't care if I raid as BM.
  • My guild doesn't immediately replace me if I'm running late for a raid.
  • My guild /rolls for loot and often pass in favour of someone else who needs it more.
  • My guild helps people who ask for it, and don't mind "carrying" people who are good-natured, grateful, and at least try their hardest.
  • And more importantly, my guild are a friendly, cheery bunch that accept people for who they are... even if you're a mage called Wildence.
Would I recommend this guild to a hardcore raider? No.
Would I recommend this guild to someone who doesn't mind a few wipes as long as everyone has fun? Hell yes! Southern Wardens rock :)

(If you're wondering what inspired this post, we ran Ulduar 10 hard modes last night in preparation for seeing Algalon. Sure, we wiped a couple of times despite now having double the HP and DPS as when we did normal modes, but it was better than stressing over ICC10 progression. When the most important loot /roll of the night is over who gets to push the Big Red Button, you know there's fun to be had :D)


HalloranElder said...

Yay for SW! :)

Random (aka Benalis, Radnar, Halloran, etc)

Wildence said...

I agree, SW is a friendly, cheery place ... except for the hunters who will MD a poor defenseless mage without any (well, much) provocation!

NonElitistRaider said...

Word to our guildies!
Speaking of which I should do some levelling.