Friday, June 4, 2010

Most Expensive Quest Chain Ever

Yeah, I finally paid for the hilt.

Not the best way to spend gold, perhaps... especially since I have Distant Land already and Quel'Delar wasn't even an upgrade.

Still, it's definitely a cool quest chain and would recommend doing it to people if you have enough gold to throw away :)


Will said...

Quel'Delar would be an upgrade for me, and I could afford to buy the Hilt. Even though, with my server's prices, it would take up almost half of what I have.

I'm going to hold out for a drop, though, I think. It would just seem more epic to me if my character came upon it on his own rather than buying one.

Congrats, though. While I haven't done the quest chain myself (yet?), I've read about it, and it sure sounds like a good one.

forceps said...

In the same boat as you are. I have ICC25 goodies and this would be simply for the "hawesome" factor. AND I intend on doing it, lol.