Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hunter Tank!

So I finally got to tank in a raid the other day.

No, not using a pet tank - that day will come, I'm sure! - but a boss hunters are legitimately asked to tank occasionally, Prince Keleseth of the Blood Prince Council.

Not only did I have fun (Kill Shot as an opener? Close to 50,000 hit points in full PvP/tank gear, even minus a couple of buffs? Hell yes!), we even got an Achievement at the end of it:

Thanks to our great healers, I didn't even feel the need to use my emergency shield (and we didn't have a warlock for healthstones... which is actually why I was tanking in the first place), so it was a pretty comfortable kill.

Definitely a lot better than my usual job of running around chasing after orange balls, anyway!

(Side note - having to put up Rank 1 Serpent Sting on all of the purple nuclei really does drain your mana... I was surprised how quick it went, even in Survival spec)


Anonymous said...

Why rank 1?
All spell ranks cost the same mana these days.

Phyllixia said...

You want to keep the dark nuclei alive for as long as possible. Using Rank 1 of Serpent costs the same mana, but will damage them for less.

Anonymous said...

why use dots at all, rank one arcane ftw.

ive done this on my hunter a few times now, in 10 and 25 mode.

another trick i use is a spider specced for speed, high movement and dash cooldown lowered to go and fetch orbs for me. the purple lightning doesnt display but you can get it to grab any far off ones freeing up anyone who might be wasting time bringing them to you.

got that acheivement on 10 also. sittingull, cenarion circle us realm.

ranged tanking is great fun! been doing it since AQ20 in vanilla!