Monday, June 14, 2010

Phyllixia on Holiday

It's highly unlikely that there will be any blog posts for the next couple of months, as I'll be away and not playing WoW.

Then again.... I *will* probably be keeping tabs on any hunter previews for Cataclysm, so who knows? :)

On a related note: apparently my 25man ICC PuG subconsciously threw a going-away party for me, because not only did we complete a smooth 9/12 run this morning (I'd been 6/12 in 25man previously), I also won the roll on Deathbringer's Will!

Rather amusing how it's usually the tier pieces people upgrade first.... and now I find myself completely in ilvl 264 gear *except* for my 4 pieces of T10. WTB Hunter tokens, PST! :P

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nice and grats on the will. On my server I see alot of Ninjas who start raids for it and when it drops they take it and leave last last week. Karyn Level 80 Blood Elf Survial Hunter Firetree server.