Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Skill > Gear - ICC in Blues

Quick note to say go check out the interview of Gevlon on the WHU site - it's times like these I feel really incompetent... or wish I was in a guild that would do crazy stunts like that!

(Sorry for the terrible set out of this post, but I'm posting from a phone...)


Cheres said...

Those videos were amazing, I put them up on my blog. Really does make a person wonder if they really can swing with the big boys.

Anonymous said...

I truely belive myself that Skill will always out do gear and I really dislike this GS add on and this whole you most have this GS to do this. It does not show someones skill and knowledge base for fights, how they play there class, it does not count enchants, gems and buffs they use and there awareness.

I myself is in all i251 to i277 gear for my Hunter however I love to see the Epic Hunter videos these guys do and I like you miss Hunters Rhok miss the days of the Epic Quest and I hope Bliz brings us Hunters a quest like that and make the game a little harder again so we need are CC used again and us old school Hunters can show them how it's done.

Karyn Level 80 Blood Elf Survial Hunter Firetree Server (Former Night Elf Hunter)