Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Auction House Arrow Etiquette

If you insist on listing a single arrow for sale on the AH to try and catch people out (eg. listing 1 arrow for the same price as the average stack of 1000)... at least have the decency to only list, say, 4 pages' worth.

Not 10, 20, or some other obscene number of pages that gives everyone trying to find the first decently priced lot of arrows RSI.

Trust me, there aren't 200 stupid hunters that will each buy a few of your single arrow stacks within the 2 day AH limit, so there's no need to provide for that many!


Euripides said...

Auction grouping and sorting by unit price are really needed. AH griefers are worse than ever :\

Will said...

I admittedly fell for this, but only once, and back when the blue-quality ammo was the best Wrath had to offer.

It didn't screw me out of that terribly much gold, but I was ticked, and from then on I always make sure the quantity matches the price.