Friday, May 21, 2010

Even more annoying pea-shooter

Usually I scoff at BoA items, since my hunter is always the leader of the pack and I don't care much about gearing/levelling alts.

I am, however, going straight out to buy a bow after reading a post in the hunter soloing thread on the EJ forums by Brightlol (Brightofday of Aman'thul), the first hunter in the world to solo Nefarian.

Not only did Brightlol solo something pretty epic, they also provided an absolutely epic tip: the BoA Charmed Ancient Bone Bow has no durability, and therefore can't be broken in Nef's hunter class call!

...and I guess another good thing about it is if you ever forget to repair, you know this bow will never break. Almost never happens to me, but hey - I remember some pretty close calls doing Hyjal retro runs where the mass AoE was enough to make me worry :P

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