Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Aussie Ping

Everyone on US servers that aren't based in the US are aware of our higher latency, particularly when some uncaring Yank makes a complaint that - ZOMG! - they have 200ms, how terrible!

(200ms is the type of latency us Aussies only see in Exodar at 2am... 3-400 is more normal)

However, we're all used to it - and unless your Arena team is hitting 2k rating, we don't really notice. I don't, anyway.

Until last night.

Every strat I've read for hunters on Sindragosa states that if you're quick enough, you can hit Disengage on her Icy Grip and not move at all.

I'm here to tell any hunter that hasn't done Sindragosa before that if you have 500ms like I did last night, that "tip" is bull&#$@.

Yes, I still got a headstart on the rest of my crew in running out.... but the best I could manage was the edge of melee range. Definitely nowhere near where I started.

I've heard horror stories of the timing that used to be required for Naxx40 back in the day and now I wonder - if any Oceanic guilds were actually raiding that place successfully, they should probably have their guild name plastered next to the old Nihilum guild for world firsts back then, because they deserve it.


Furnurgler said...

Being in Australia my self I find that most of the tips and tricks provided by US and Euro players need to be adjusted OR we need to come up with something different ourselves. I'm still surprised that so many Oceanic guilds are still in the top 500 despite crap latency.
While I have retiured from raiding our guild is still progressing into ICC HM's with player latency anywhere between 200 and 900 for most fights. Luckily I'm around the 250 mark (with lower ping) but I honestly don't know how people do it with over 500.

F said...

I was in a guild doing Naxx40 back then (completed about a wing and a half).

Yeah, it was majorly painful, especially so since HoTs were not per-healer until 2.0!

Let's just say you got pretty good at guessing, and having boss mods and a number of helper mods was a hard requirement, not just something you might want.