Wednesday, February 10, 2010

MC round 2

Had another block of spare time before Tuesday maintenance this week, so continued soloing MC:

I didn't respec or change my gear from the last time, but I did have to do some careful aggro juggling between my pet and myself to kill Garr. Letting a couple of the adds beat on me when my turtle was out of defensive cooldowns seemed to do the trick... and Spirit Bond brought my health back up after his adds went down.

At this point I was reminded of something that I vaguely recalled from Vanilla WoW - only Golemagg and Ragnaros give reputation past Revered, which means I won't be able to tick over into Exalted until I kill those guys. Bleh.

Anyway, moving on.

Baron Geddon was next, but I forgot to take a screenshot. This fight was fairly simple for me, since I do actually have Hawk Eye in my normal spec and could avoid being bombed by standing at max range.

The only semi-problem was to make sure that every time Baron cast Inferno, Koopa would run around the *back* of Baron and start whacking away... which means he went out of Mend Pet range and I'd have to move closer, putting me within range of Baron's bomb. Setting him on /petstay during these times worked well.

Last kill for the night was Shazzrah, a fairly easy fight; just keep out at range as often as possible.

I had a quick attempt at Golemagg, but ran into the same problem as I had with Garr last time - he hit too hard and my lack of pet armour/dodge talents hurt. Next time round I may try the same tactic as I used for Garr - let Golemagg's dogs beat on me instead of my pet and see how that goes.... or I could respec my pet into more armour and use consumables/scrolls as well.

Other notes: the trash in Baron's/Shazzrah's room is brilliant for Thorium Brotherhood rep, which I'm almost exalted with as well. Hooray for extending raid lockouts!

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