Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love is in the Raid Buffs

Even if you don't participate in World Events usually, make sure you do the daily quest "A Gift for the High Priestess Elune".

All you have to do is collect 10x Lovely Charm (which collect automatically in your inventory when killing green or higher level mobs) to make the Lovely Charm Bracelet.

You will get a Lovely Darnassus Card and 5x Love Token, which can then be used to purchase "VICTORY" Perfume.

Both the card and the perfume stack with flasks/food etc (see below), so are basically a free 30Agi + 75AP for your raiding needs until the Love is in the Air event ends.

Of course, non-hunters will want to do the equivalent quest in either Exodar (Spirit), Stormwind (Intellect) or Ironforge (Stamina).

For Horde, Silvermoon (Spirit), Undercity (Intellect), Thunder Bluff (Stamina) or Orgrimmar (Agility) are your choices.

Too easy! :)

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