Friday, February 26, 2010

Hunters: The (Im)mobile class

With the PTR patch notes for 3.3.3 out, I was interested to see the following change to FI:

Ferocious Inspiration: This ability is now an aura and provides 1/2/3% damage to all party or raid members within 100 yards and boosts the damage of Steady Shot by 3/6/9%

While I'm all for a buff to BM - I'm finding myself running as Survival more and more in raids out of guilt that I'm not contributing enough - I don't particularly like this change.

Yes, I realize that Blizzard needs to consider PvP damage and putting talents like Sniper Training and the above change in is the easiest way of buffing hunters in PvE and not PvP, but I've always hated anything that requires me to stand still.

A hunter is *agile*. We're supposed to keep - and kill - things at range, which to me does *not* mean standing in the same spot and hoping they're dead by the time they get to you.

This change would mean BM hunters have less DPS on the move, less threat while kiting and potentially less DPS overall than before the change in certain fights - because how many times have you interrupted/delayed a Steady Shot to get out of a fire or cast something else?

Yeah, it's a small thing to complain about; Steady Shot isn't exactly the longest cast time in WoW... but hey, there isn't exactly anything else I can pick on because that was the only patch note for hunters. QQ.

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Urkraft said...

That is not the problem, the problem is that with the current changes SS becomes better than Arcane and there is a risk of BM going back to be the one-button spec it used to be in TBC ..

I am raiding BM hunter and i am waiting more for the proper pet scaling than this, but i am afraid that will not happen until Cataclysm now ...