Monday, February 22, 2010

You learn something new every day

Who knew it could rain in Darnassus?

Not to mention, there is a flight point on the border of Western and Eastern Plaguelands, meaning you don't have to traverse the entire map to do quests in that area... somehow I totally missed that Patch note somewhere.

Things like these always make me wonder what *else* I must have missed. Things that aren't on the Achievements page, aren't pointed out in quests, aren't one of those popular "Easter Eggs" that get slung around the forums every now and again or referred to in the ever-popular Trade Chat, and aren't something that you'd usually come across.

For all of my 8300+ Achievement points, there sure is a hell of a lot I haven't done in this game!


Will said...

I only recently opened the new Flight Path in the Plaguelands. I had heard of it, I just had had no need to be in the area until I was hunting for Elders.

And don't forget about the flight path in northern Felwood. I was long past questing there, and didn't discover that one until I was 70 and doing my Explorer Achievements. >.<

I sometimes wonder myself what things I've missed or never noticed, or if something might be a pop culture reference that I just don't "get". said...

Northern Felwood I knew about... Plaguelands FP? Where? Not the tower controlled one, is it?

I only just found the Rebel Camp FP in STV too, last time I visited, it didn't have one.

Phyllixia said...

@Thorf - There is a goblin flight path at the bridge in between WPL and EPL, on the WPL side. I think it's pretty new; last major patch or something.