Saturday, May 9, 2009

When battlegrounds aren't

The School of Hard Knocks achievement for Children's Week had some people (hardcore PvEers, mainly) complaining that it was too hard to get.

Well, personally, I think it wasn't. In fact, I'd rank it easier than some of the other event achievements, especially those that require you to log in every hour on the dot so you can get a random prize pack and hope you're lucky with drops.

(I hate having to be back in town every hour for that stupid system... and I blame any loss of productivity throughout my (usually) non-WoW time on the guy who invented it)

Not only that, but all week I've seen people helping each other get the achievement done - dropping the flag for someone else to pick up in EotS or exchanging tower caps with Horde in AV, for instance.

In one WSG match (after I'd already got School of Hard Knocks and was trying for a different achievement), I started firing on a Horde paladin who had come into the Alliance flag room alone.

It took me a minute to realize that the pally was actually picking up and dropping the flag for us, over and over.... just so we could return it.

Really, how easy is that? Our team wasn't even reciprocating, as far as I could tell (I'm pretty sure our flag runner was taking the match seriously and dutifully capped ours 3x without letting the Horde get their hands on it), so that Horde team pretty much took a loss just so everyone could get their achievements.

I gave up on trying to get Not in my House that round, but cheerily /thanked the pally for Frenzied Defender instead.

Too hard? Pfft. I did it solo without any trouble at all, with some fun PvP to boot - and I welcome any future event-related PvP achievements in the future.

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