Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's like being famous...

I'm the type of hunter that exclaims over guild chat about unusual pets I've spotted in town.

First sighting of a hunter with Gondria, amusingly named wolf, rare-skinned parrot - all of these merit a comment, although I've never directly whispered or made any indication to the owner themselves that I was admiring their pet.

Which was why, I suppose, the attention paid to my own rare pet caught me by surprise.

Pats, cheers, whispers, all from random people - and I'm sure Spirit Beast owners would have it worse.

Not that I'm complaining, of course.... I'm happy with my slimy companion, both in looks and in utility, and I feel nothing but sympathy when I'm forced to tell disappointed hunters that you can't tame them any more.

It does, however, make me glad that I'm not a member of an elite raiding guild like Ensidia - I'm surprised they manage to play at all through all the attention from fans.

Then again... it probably does have it's perks.

(On a side note, that particular blogger, Kungen, is one of the guild leaders of Ensidia and surprisingly funny. Even if you hate Ensidia and everything it stands for, I'd recommend his WotLK levelling story, starting here, for some fairly decent amusement)

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Francisco said...

Way worse. Not once since I got Natasha (the name I gave to the Gondria I tamed) I walk by Dalaran without getting whispered by someone asking "what pet is that?" or "where'd you get that pet?" or something else.

I'm not complaining, mind you. =)