Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's a small world after all...

This bug isn't new; I've had it before and it doesn't happen often... but I always find it amusing that the in-game combat log can sometimes pick up events that aren't actually anywhere near your vicinity.

The above is an example of an Arena apparently occurring in Crystalsong Forest (think of the Line of Sight issues with all those trees! /boggle), but I've also had mobs attacking someone on the Isle of Quel'danas while flying over Zangarmarsh, among other incidents.

I'm not entirely sure what causes the bug, but I've reported it before and Blizz didn't seem too concerned... It's not game-breaking or anything, just a quirk of WoW akin to dying in Northrend and inexplicably rezzing in Westfall, I guess!

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Kordwar said...

It normally happened in the dalaran sewer, if you look down the grate you can see an arena match going on.