Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Surviving PvP

The Children's Week Achievements finally gave me the incentive to really test out my new PvP Survival spec.

This being my first time playing a non-Beast Mastery spec in a serious context, it took awhile to get the hang of.... so here are my thoughts:

Survival vs BM PvP

  1. Your pet dies quicker. A LOT quicker... and you're stuck with a 10sec rez, which means if they die there isn't *too* much point in reviving them unless you can get out of the action.
  2. CCing is as useful (and fun!) as I'd expected - my best use of Scatter Shot and Wyvern was to catch and kill a druid who had just stolen the flag in WSG. I also experienced at least one 1v2 win where I slept one person while killing the other, and slept someone in the Horde base before stealing their flag.
  3. It wasn't as much of an increase in personal burst DPS as I'd thought. Maybe I'm used to seeing people's health go down while I'm under the effects of Bestial Wrath, or maybe I had some crazy idea in my head that Survival and MM would have the burst capability of a mage... but whatever the reason, trying to finish off a person on low health was surprisingly hard.
  4. Trying to Scatter Shot (or Wyvern) while running is hard when someone is on your tail. I obviously need more jumpshot kiting practice - PvE jumpshot kiting is a lot less pressure and much more predictable!
  5. DoTs are terrible for CC. Obvious, yes, but BM only has Serpent or Viper to worry about, while Survival has Explosive and Wyvern as well.

All in all, I'm looking forward to Arena-ing with this spec.... although my 2v2 healadin (with whom I held the Challenger title with for a few seasons) has called it quits for awhile and I'm stuck without a partner.

I'm trying to decide whether to find a new one (few of my guildies Arena much) or stick with my 3v3 and 5v5 teams, which are usually more difficult to organize games with.

Any Proudmoore Oceanic Alliance out there want to team up with a hunter? I'm not terribly good, but I did almost manage to hit 1700 with a BM PvE spec at one point in S4, so I'd say I'm at least above the 1500 average!

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