Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Recently, I opened my Oracle egg while waiting for a raid to start. "Eh, another whelp," I thought, promptly mailing it to a bank alt.

A guildie, observing my prize (he was in the raid, so he saw the loot pop up), asked me if it was from the new fishing daily.

I said no, it was from the egg... and then blithely linked the pet I *did* get from the fishing daily, a Strand Crawler I'd picked up on the second day.

His next whisper - something along the lines of "maybe for YOU..." (made in good humour) - made me rethink my initial thought.

These pets are rare.

I assuaged him by saying the usual - I've been buying the eggs for quite awhile, it's not as lucky as Guildie1 who got the Baron's mount on his first run, or Guildcasual2 who doesn't log on for months and ends up with not one, but TWO green protodrake mounts.

However, I have to admit - I *am* pretty lucky... mostly with things that I'm not thinking about. This year alone, I've:

  • fished up a pet rat within 10min while waiting for a PuG raid to fill up

  • gone past the Forlorn Cavern in Ironforge waiting for the Adored debuff from the "Love is in the Air" event to drop off, impulsively equipped my fishing pole, cast once and pulled up Old Ironjaw

  • failed to get my own green protodrake mount, but in the process picked up 3 drake minipets (worth at least a hundred gold each in the AH).

  • (on my flat-broke, mountless 55 Horde druid on Frostmourne) looked for cheap recipes that might help me level jewelcrafting faster, picked up the Savory Deviate Delight recipe for less than 2 gold and sold it for a few hundred - enough of a profit to pay for Glyphs and level 30 mounts for both my druid and mage (32), plus a start on the level 60 mount.

  • downed 10man Malygos for the first time in a PuG, and picked up Black Ice

Not bad at all... Maybe I should start not thinking about getting loot more often!

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