Tuesday, April 14, 2009

3.1 Glyphs: Are you ready to rumble?

I've spent so much time picking 3.1 glyphs out (for both specs!) that I thought I may as well write a post on which ones I settled on, and why I rejected the other major contenders:

Minor Glyphs

Both specs - Feign Death, Revive Pet, Scare Beast

  • Nothing new here. I've never really liked Mend Pet, because it's so easy to keep pets happy these days ("In MY day, we had to carry more food for our pets than ourselves!").

Major Glyphs

BM (raiding/soloing - pet tank) - Bestial Wrath, Steady Shot, Mending
Survival (PvP/soloing - kiting and CC) - Explosive Shot, Aimed Shot, Mending

(Note: "Mending" is still labelled as "Monkey" on WoWHead's PTR site, although the tooltip is correct)

Round Up

Basically, I had to have the main glyphs for each spec (BW and Explosive).

Aimed I took for PvP because a reduction of 2sec for a 10sec CD is actually decent for burst damage and keeping the healing debuff up.

I took Steady over Aimed for PvE because I think I'd run out of mana way too fast, and don't usually need the burst damage even when soloing.

Mending... well, what can I say. "BM spec since beta" - anything to keep my pet alive!


outdps said...

As for your major glyphs- you might want to take a closer look at the kill shot glyph. It's good... surprisingly good. I personally find that I don't have the GCDs to spare to mend pet anyways normally, and my healers are pretty good about keeping the little blighter alive. Your mileage may vary, of course, but I found that the lower cooldown on kill shot gave me a large (for a glyph) increase in total damage done. Especially for long fights- like close-call progression ones ;)

Phyllixia said...

As my Survival spec is going to be for PvP and not raiding (unless we have an emergency with no Replenishment or something), long fights don't come into it.

For PvP, the window of HP that you can use Kill Shot on a player is so small, I figured it wasn't worth it.

Mend Pet, on the other hand, I use all the time in PvP/solo play. Raiding not so much, but I'm going to be BM for that anyway :)