Friday, April 3, 2009

Pet tanking AQ40 - Twin Emps

(Ignore my armour in the screenshot... I forgot to take a pic last night and this one is old - Eyeball helm, ZA shoulders and Prince bow FTW)

I and 2 guildies had decided we'd take on the AQ40 trash before Skeram for bug mounts.

Only.... I thought I'd ask in guild for more helpers, thinking hey, why not try some bosses, not thinking I'd get any replies.

Awhile later I found myself leading - and main tanking with my gorilla Seismic - an impromptu raid through AQ40 with what seemed to me like way too few people for what we were attempting (9 at this point), particularly when I recognized the doorway to the room of the Twin Emps.

The first attempt was as bad as I'd expected - the Twins healed constantly, and I called a wipe after it was clear we weren't going to get anywhere.

However, I'd discovered something important while pet tanking that I hadn't picked up when I'd DPSed my way through the encounter in PuGs previously - Seismic could pick up and hold aggro on BOTH Twins, at least long enough for the casters to hightail it across the room after a swap. Repositioning the physical Twin was also far easier than I expected.

The second attempt, despite only having 9 raiders, some of which were unfamiliar with the fight (including the other tanks) and not all of them being 80.... we killed them.

Unfortunately, we didn't seem to have quite enough DPS (or mental capacity, since it was 1am by this time) to down C'thun - we were overwhelmed by tentacles and Dark Glare caught a few unawares - but I've been in 40man PuGs where most people were 80 and wiped on Twin Emps; to lead a successful raid of 9 is pretty epic.

Hopefully on the weekend I'll get a raid to finish C'thun and the optional bosses - not only am I getting decent Brood rep, I'm finding it very satisfying to lead my guildies through content that, while outdated, is still technically difficult (particularly if you haven't seen it before).

Bring on Sunwell!


Rilgon Arcsinh said...

I want moar info. I have enough issues with Twin Emps with real tanks as it is - if I could cheese it with Kongsecrate (or Indalecio come 3.1), that would be epic.


Phyllixia said...

There really *aren't* any details besides what I've already written. Just send your pet at each Twin as soon as they appear on your side, and the Twin will stay in place.

If a caster pulls aggro (from DoTs etc), they're usually already on the correct side of the room... and if they aren't, the next time the Twins swap you can drag the physical Twin back.

Rilgon Arcsinh said...

I'm just confused, because I always remember Twin Teleport being a global aggro wipe. Aggro that your pet generated against, say, Vek'nilash stuck around when he left and Vek'lor ported into his place?

Phyllixia said...

No, no... it's an aggro wipe. You need at least one physical and caster tank per side; it's just that gorillas (and voidwalkers, pallies etc) can function as both because they have physical hits *and* spells.

About aggro - if no-one picks the Twins up immediately, DoTs (which don't get wiped) will tick and they'll aggro that person (who is likely still on the wrong side).

My gorilla kept aggro long enough so that by the time the casters pulled aggro from their DoTs, they were on the right side.

Ursuron said...

I'm finding it very satisfying to lead my guildies through content that, while outdated, is still technically difficult (particularly if you haven't seen it before)

I smell a raid leader in the making :)

Phyllixia said...

@Urs - No frickin' way. :)

As I told D (who asked me to lead a ZA raid once), I'll do it in emergencies but that's it.

Leading retro raids are different - I already know what to do and the content is a lot more forgiving when we outgear/outlevel it. :P