Thursday, March 26, 2009

Stayin' alive for Survival

I've been playing around with different 3.1 Survival specs recently, trying to find one that is not only useful for Arena, but (being the eccentric person I am) also fun for elite soloing.

However, there really isn't much choice if you take a standard 51+pt Survival build - "non-mandatory" talents aren't any more interesting than the others, so you can't really deviate much from the cookie-cutter basics: Explosive Shot, Scatter Shot, Trap talents, Aimed Shot etc.

Well, some of you will remember that when WotLK came in I initially chose a Readiness/BW build even before everyone found out how good it was DPS-wise, just because I thought double immunity would be an absolute blast.

What I *have* been thinking about... just a crazy idea, nothing more at this point, although I'm starting to like it more and more... is a Readiness/Wyvern build.

Before all the Survivalists start screaming at me for even contemplating a Survival tree without Explosive Shot, allow me to explain:

MM tree - pretty standard stuff.

  • 3 pts in Imp Arcane, because if I'm going to exclude Explosive Shot, Arcane (which shares the CD, as well as benefits from all of the Survival talents) needs to be good.
  • 3 pts in Imp Stings, mainly for the Arena angle (dispelling).
  • 1 pt in Go for the Throat, so my pet has enough Focus.
  • The rest are no-brainers.

Survival tree - CC talents and Arcane Shot instead of Explosive.

  • No Black Arrow. Lock and Load procs off traps, and I can live with Trap dancing *if* I ever need to (I can't imagine I would; the only time I'd be Survival in PvE is to CC mobs or for Replenishment, which would be extremely rare). Instead, 2 pts in Point of No Escape.
  • All of the standard CC talents.
  • Token pts in Hunting Party (for Replenishment) and Expose Weakness.
  • No T.N.T. - Don't have Black Arrow *or* Explosive Shot, so useless. The rest of the talent points that buff Explosive Shot also buff Arcane Shot.

Will this build be viable? I don't know. Missing out on Explosive Shot seems crazy, and the DPS drop could be huge... but will the CC capability make up for it in Arena?

(Before you even comment - yes, I know going full MM for Silencing/Chimera is probably better utility-wise than Wyvern in Arenas. However, I'd prefer keeping Wyvern for the PvE CCing fun)

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