Monday, March 16, 2009

Solo hijinks

Over the past few weeks, raiding has become routine - any other Achievements my guild has yet to complete only involves hitting stuff faster and harder, and not any extra personal skill.

Of course, this doesn't help my restless nature in the least... so in my spare time I've been having some fun soloing stuff.

What stuff? Well...

ZG - High Priest Venoxis (Snake) and Bloodlord Mandokir

Heroic Slave Pens (except the 2nd boss; the bleed is too hard to heal through with Mend Pet and 2pc T5, although that may change with the pet buffs in Patch 3.1)

Heroic Auchenai Crypts

I also duoed/trioed some other 70 heroics with guildies, and finally completed Outland Dungeon Hero. Not a bad effort, really... and much more fun than polishing a helm.

I know I should try and get to Revered/Exalted for Sons of Hodir and stock up on herbs for Ulduar, but... I just need a couple of runs in AQ20/40 to get to Exalted Cenarion Circle. And, you know, wouldn't it be great if I could manage to do it solo?


Anonymous said...

Try farming the first few mobs in AQ40? Resettable, and seems like a hunter should be able to handle 4 at a time.

Anonymous said...

well, if you farm the twilight cultists long enough, and come with a dozen dreamshards, you an do what i did and kill few of the raid bosses tht are summonable there. they drop 25g each and the first abyssal scepter turn in gives a box with 70g in it. you can lso try soloing ony of course, but that not exactly hard. especially if you're a Nelf when you can meld and reset any potion timers. i know you're old school, but i've had a lot of fun soloing the d2 set quests. now i'm on to the AQ chain.