Sunday, March 29, 2009

Arena match breakdown - Play-by-play

Although I don't have a high-level mage, I do somehow manage to keep up with the basics of how to play one - probably because I've always had an affinity for ranged caster classes in any game I try.

Even so, you really don't know the ins and outs of a class until you've spent a significant number of hours on it.

In a previous post concerning the epic efforts of the Korean mage Orangemarmalade in a 1v2 Arena match, I had noticed him casting shields and timing his DPS to perfection, but I had also downplayed his opponents' efforts in taking him down, citing cockiness as a major factor.

Well, from watching this video, I think I was a little hard on SK Korea - they may not have played quite as carefully as they could have, but this play-by-play vid detailing the exact spells and talents Orangemarmalade used to survive and then take out Kwana (SK's mage) has me even more impressed.

Now, if only someone would do this for all the hunter matches!

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